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Tova relaxes in sandstone bathtub

Just Add the Bubbles!

At a recent EMNARI meeting, sponsored  by DesignerBath , Tova relaxed in a hand carved sandstone bath tub. If you would like one made for you it can be yours for the bargain price of $22,000. (delivery is extra!) Tova commented that a nice glass of Chardonnay would have been an excellent addition.

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Tobi style workwear

Modern Technology Enhances Old Tecnique

I was sent a newsletter from a publication called Tools of the Trade. The article is about residential construction techniques in Japan. I thought the article was interesting from two points of view. One being how new technology and automation is stepping in to keep up with construction. The other, which is a derivative point […]

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Zip Up Your Home

You may have noticed a lot of buildings going up these days with green walls and brown roofs. It’s not a style fad you’re missing out on, it’s actually a product called the Zip system.  The Zip system is quickly becoming the industry norm because it creates a moisture barrier and a tight air seal, […]

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bunny deck200x200

Real Wood, Only Better

Our client called us because she fell through the floor of her front porch.  When we came out to take a look, we found that not only were the deck boards rotten, much of the framing and masonry needed to be replaced, as well.  The clients really liked the look and feel of their old […]

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killawatt 44480 c

Kill A Watt

The U.S Department of Energy reports that 20% of our electric bills come from items that are left plugged in when they are not in use, or items that are in standby mode. These are referred to as phantom loads.With the Kill A Watt P4400 we can monitor the energy eaters in our homes and cut down our […]

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Gotta Have One (or more) of These!

Up until now we were advocating for compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) on all our projects.  While the amount of electricity (watts) used per lumen (brightness) was relatively low, color was always an issue. Enter the LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs.  They have an even better watt per lumen ratio and the color of the […]

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Buyer Beware

Buying Your Own Materials Clients often want to buy their own lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures or other materials, thinking they’ll save money if the contractor doesn’t mark them up.  While I appreciate the motivation, I’m often  very concerned about this.  I want my clients to save money—really!—because then they’ll be happy, and my number one […]

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Stacking the Deck

  One of the hardest parts of a deck project is selecting the surface material.  At this point many people immediately start to think about what color they want their deck to be, but choosing the material can be a harder decision; there are a lot more options out there today than you may be […]

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