view from dining hero

A Kitchen with a Surprise Space

Taking down the walls between the existing kitchen and the pantry/entry let us open up the kitchen for more space and light.

After we removed an old chimney we were able to "cathedral" the ceiling make the room more spacious. We used 1x6 fir rafter ties to support the roof.

We crafted "uplight boxes" to bounce light off the ceiling. All the fir was custom color matched to the cabs

The passthrough allows guests to chat with folks in the kitchen and further enlarges the space. We tucked a wine fridge into the dead corner (the kitchen was too small for a lazy susan).

Rafter ties and strapping in place, awaiting insulation.

What a great idea!

This was the original contractor's "flip" kitchen.

Original back door before we took down the walls.

Original pantry and doorway to the powder room.

The kitchen of this 1880’s farmhouse was a mishmash of small spaces and additions.  The initial plan called for removing walls to open up the space. During demo the client looked up and said, “can we capture the space in the ceiling too?” Sure we could; all it took was a few collar ties, light boxes to bounce light into the vault, and a chase to corral all the pipes for the bathroom above.  The final result: a light airy space with plenty of room for cooking and socializing in style.


Tova, has a keen eye for detail…Tova was also very good at keeping me within my budget, offering a variety of choices that enabled me to do so…