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Kitchen & Pantry for A Family on the Go

The view from the front hall. Code required solid wall behind the range, so we reconfigured the windows.

The view from the mudroom, looking toward the butler's pantry. The island has pop-up outlets for small appliances and electronics.

The coffee station and toaster occupy a long, shallow counter that preserves circulation and maximizes utility and storage.

View from the butler's pantry. We removed an unused chimney and re-located the basement door to make room for the fridge and pantries (see before.)

A rustic backsplash pops in the neutral space.

A professional-style pull-down faucet facilitates food prep and cleanup. The switch on the counter activates the disposal.

The island is a workhorse, with trash, spice and dish storage as well as prep space and seating for 4 or more.

The family's 4 kids can eat, do homework or chat with their parents at the island. There's plenty of power thanks to 2 pop-up outlets.

Sheet metal and blackboard paint create a planning center. But there's more...see next slide!

Not a wasted inch...The top of the old servants' stair was blocked off by the bath above, but we retained the storage (and hide-and-seek!) potential.

The old "kitchen" contained just a fridge, counter and table. The sink, dishwasher & range were in the butler's pantry!

The butler's pantry contains a second sink, wall oven and microwave, plus additional storage.

A custom broom/utility closet tucked under the main stairs.

Still more under-stair storage.

Butler's pantry before. (This was the main kitchen!)

This hardworking kitchen displays a neutral palette & deftly balances work, storage and circulation space.