Snow Proof!

Click on the center of the image to watch the video!

The roof was added to divert the snow that was dumping down from the main house roof. We used a mahogany rail system for beauty and durability.

The corrugated fiberglass panels hang from stainless steel posts on the fascia trim and are secured at the bottom rail. As proof of their durability they survived a heavy hail storm as we were building.

You can imagine how much digging it took to clear the stairs after a heavy snow.

The "in-swing" gate helps keep the neighbor's children from exploring.

"Dog leash" clips keep the bottoms of the panels secured to the rails.

Our clients wanted a way to keep snow out of the stairwell down to their basement. Check out Asher’s creative solution to the problem.

We also wanted to add a wood rail for safety around an outside staircase to our basement and a roof with detachable winter “walls” to prevent that stairwell from filling with snow and pouring into the basement as it melted….The results are beautiful.