Buyer Beware: Buying Your Own Materials

Buying Your Own Materials Clients often want to buy their own lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures or other materials, thinking they’ll save money if the contractor doesn’t mark them up.  While I appreciate the motivation, I’m often  very concerned about this.  I want my clients to save money—really!—because then they’ll be happy, and my number one […]

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Stacking the Deck

  One of the hardest parts of a deck project is selecting the surface material.  At this point many people immediately start to think about what color they want their deck to be, but choosing the material can be a harder decision; there are a lot more options out there today than you may be […]

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Sterritt 1a

Greener PVC

  Recycling cardboard and metal on the job site has always been a no brainer, but PVC was not always so easy.  Steveworks is proud to announce that we now recycle PVC!  Thanks to F.D. Sterritt Lumber Co., our local supplier, PVC is becoming a more sustainable choice.  Instead of going to landfills, we bring our […]

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Everybody Pitches In

Tova begins the arduous task of assembling books into the front “shelf”of the customer center at Newtonville books. The pattern she is using is called a “running brick bond”,  however she has adapted it to a “book bond”  

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The Build Begins

  The shell of the customer center at Newtonville Books begins to take shape.

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newtonville books_main counter_2

Newtonville Books is Moving

  Newtonville Books is  moving! and we’re helping… Newtonville Books is moving from their present location on Walnut St. in Newtonville to a new location on Langley Rd. in Newton Center.  We’ve been ask to help build out the new storefront by modifying their bookcases and building a new customer service desk. Our first step […]

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So you think your house is too cool? Tips on winterizing your home.

   So you think your house is too cool? Here are a few tips for winterizing your home. Feel free to comment and add your own tips!   Check for proper insulation in your attic,walls and basement. Call us to arrange an energy audit. Check for drafts; seal windows, doors, nooks and crannies to prevent […]

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Give a Damn, Don’t Get a Dam!

“Dam!” That’s what many contractors and homeowners alike were thinking during the winter of 2011. The constant snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold wreaked havoc on our homes—especially our roofs.  Many of us tired quickly of those cute little icicles as they grew into large ice masses hanging onto the edges of our roofs, punishing the […]

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Deep Energy Measure Verification Workshop – Sturbridge 12/2/11

Hi all, I attended the Deep Energy  Verification Workshop on Friday and my head is still spinning with excitement. The workshop had 2 main goals: to demonstrate the results from recently completed Deep Energy Retrofits (DERs) and then present the techniques that enable me as a renovator/  home builder  to accomplish the goals.  This workshop […]

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edec kfrnt(hero)

Don’t Let that Wind In!

Old and drafty homes are so romantic – until you see the heating bill. One of our recent jobs on a particularly old house (we think it was built in the early 1900’s) is a perfect example of this.  The house was so drafty the clients complained that they could hear the wind and traffic […]

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