Greenberg roof

We’ve Been Featured!

Our PV (solar electric panels) installation has been featured by our vendor, Sunlight Solar Energy, in their Winter 2012 issue of their newsletter. It tells a little about us and why we decided to go solar. Check it out.

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It’s too cold to water your tomatoes!

But, if you don’t turn off the internal water spigot valve this winter, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing….if you’re lucky. If you’re not lucky you’ll flood your basement. How do I know what to turn off? If you have a frost free spigot–take a look at the photo– you’re good to go! If you […]

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What, What, Watt!

We’ve gone solar. The PV system on our house is now operational and produced its first Watt. We’ll be posting more about all of this later here.

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View our Review

Here’s a review I wrote for the Journal of Light Construction about the Fast Cap Dust Door. Take a moment to peruse the article to get an idea of how we control dust on our job site. The calculator is pretty nice to if you ever want to cut roof rafters. FastCap Magnetic Dust-Barrier Door_tcm96-1576020

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rim spray

Ban The Drafts

No More Drafts! Drafts are common in old homes and unfortunately in some newer ones as well. Turning up the heat doesn’t solve the problem and just wastes energy. One of the often-overlooked culprits is cold air passing around and through the sill plate and rim joist, the framing between the top of the foundation […]

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prime cuts

“Prime All Cuts”

It’s so simple “Prime All Cuts” We do care, a lot.  We care about doing the job right the first time.  We hate the waste of tearing apart something relatively new that has failed because of poor craftsmanship.  We also care about using best practice techniques in construction, water management, and insulation. We care about […]

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“Blues Brothers” now appearing at steveworks

Our “Blues Brothers” Move over Dan Ackroyd and Jim Belushi; meet the steveworks Blues Brothers*, the heart of our interior dust-control management team.  “Elwood” is a HEPA-grade negative air fan; “Jake” is a HEPA-grade vacuum.  Together, they keep all the dust contained in the work zone and continuously clean the air on the job site. […]

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Putting REScheck to Work for Permitting

Here’s a recent article published in JLC, The Journal of Light Construction.  We used REScheck, which is  wonderful software to determine if your new construction meets IECC insulation requirements.  

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Buyer Beware: Buying Your Own Materials

Buying Your Own Materials Clients often want to buy their own lighting, appliances, plumbing fixtures or other materials, thinking they’ll save money if the contractor doesn’t mark them up.  While I appreciate the motivation, I’m often  very concerned about this.  I want my clients to save money—really!—because then they’ll be happy, and my number one […]

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Stacking the Deck

  One of the hardest parts of a deck project is selecting the surface material.  At this point many people immediately start to think about what color they want their deck to be, but choosing the material can be a harder decision; there are a lot more options out there today than you may be […]

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