Deep Energy Measure Verification Workshop

I attended the Deep Energy  Verification Workshop on Friday in Sturbridge and my head is still spinning with excitement. The workshop had 2 main goals: to demonstrate the results from recently completed Deep Energy Retrofits (DERs) and then present the techniques that enable me as a renovator/  home builder  to accomplish the goals.  This workshop mainly focused on basement insulation and damp proofing, wall and roof insulation, and  wall and roof construction.

Basically DER means what to do to your home to achieve energy savings through insulation and tightening up air infiltration. Many of the techniques shown were not new to me but the review was good and I did learn some new things.  It was also good to hear there wonderful “bang for your buck” track records from the examples shown.  I will be sure to incorporate this new technology into my building practice.

The workshop was presented by Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation.  Joe has been on the forefront of modern construction technology and is considered by many, the father of building science. He is also one of the most entertaining presenters I’ve ever heard!