Just Like a Good Meal, It’s All about the Prep


We’re in the process of rebuilding a front porch in Jamaica Plain. The secret to a durable and sustainable build is the prep. Dan is making sure the post holes are 4′ below grade to prevent the piers from frost heaving (after all, this is New England).


When we took down the original deck there was a lot of water damage and rot between the ledger board (the board that attaches the deck frame to the house) and the house itself. To prevent this in the future, we’ve put a layer of adhesive rubber roofing between the ledger and the house and added a spacer between the ledger and the house for drainage. You can see Asher in the background using a roller to make sure the adhesive is bonded.

Stay tuned as we’ll be using Perennial Wood decking on this project. Perennial Wood is chemically treated to resist water infiltration. This means no bugs, no rot and no cupping! Oh and it’s grown locally and it’s stainable. Win, Win, Win.