When Is a Hole in Your Roof a Good Thing?

That’s how you make your client cozy!

The basic scope of this job was to replace the failing roofing shingles and to replace the cedar siding shingles, as the old ones no longer held paint. Midway through the job, our client mentioned that his legs were always cold under his desk in the developed attic above the garage. We’re always looking for ways to improve on a home’s energy efficiency and since we were about to put on a new roof, this was a good time to investigate.

The vent in the sidewall of the gable was the “big clue”.  We cut an inspection hole in the garage roof and found that the vent was doing its job of keeping the underside of the roof cold to prevent ice dams. Due to a very poor insulation job, it was also letting a lot of cold air leak into the office, right below the desk. The solution was pretty simple: we removed the old fiberglass insulation which was bunched up and not sealed at the edges and applied open cell foam insulation to the back of the wall and the adjoining dormer wall.

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