Real Wood, Only Better

Cstleton b41-2a

Our client called us because she fell through the floor of her front porch.  When we came out to take a look, we found that not only were the deck boards rotten, much of the framing and masonry needed to be replaced, as well.  The clients really liked the look and feel of their old wood deck, but clearly needed something more durable.

Cedar stain deck plank
long view

The solution was a new decking product called Perennial Wood, which is real wood (southern yellow pine) that’s been chemically altered under high temperature and pressure to make it more dimensionally stable.  In fact, it is three times more stable and 25 percent harder than untreated wood.  Perennial Wood resists insects and decay like PVC and composite decking, but contains no toxic chemicals, only small levels of acetic acid (i.e. vinegar). The boards come factory stained in Cedar, Mahogany, Redwood, Cape Cod Grey, and Natural.

Check out the finished project here