A Cure for a Headache

1-2-3 - WDBEAM4.123

Our client was tired of walking up her attic stairs and hitting her head on the ceiling, so we bumped up the roof with a shed dormer. To conserve valuable floor space and to keep to an open plan, we couldn’t run posts through the room, which is the conventional way to support the ridge beam, so framing the dormer turned into an interesting technical challenge. Our engineer designed a bracing system that allowed us to support the ridge by tying the roof rafters to the floor below with custom-fabricated steel brackets.  This included removing and replacing the existing ridge with a 300-lb site-fabricated LVL beam, all without cracking the plaster on the ceiling below.

Getting materials into the third floor workspace was a challenge, too. As you can see in this video, everything had to come up from the outside.  Space was tight, but we made it work, and we’re quite pleased with the result.

Check out the portfolio page to see the before and after photos.