What I learned at WPI Today

DER roof insulation
DER roof insulation with 6″ of insulation

I attended a great workshop at Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI, a very cool place) on Deep Energy Retrofits (DER).  DER  renovations involve super insulation techniques, high efficiency mechanical ( heat,A/C, ventilation, domestic hot water) and if executed well can bring the energy load of a home down by 70%.  They also promote much healthier living spaces.  A brief outline of the day’s lecture is below.


The principal speaker was Marc Rosenbaum is director of engineering, South Mountain Company . South Mountain is a cutting edge design build firm on Martha’s Vineyard.  Marc has been a pioneer in building science and high efficiency building for more than 30 years.

I’m very excited to incorporate the techniques I learned today into our production details and sustainable practices.

Today’s lecture outline. 

  • Concepts and proven techniques for Deep Energy Retrofits that can achieve over 70% energy savings
  • Transforming existing houses into efficient, healthy, durable, high performance living spaces
  • Key challenges and techniques for cost effective results
  • Utility incentives for DERs
  • Strategies that can apply to any building project
  • Energy savings results and non-energy benefits

Oh and free coffee …