BE Bottom Lines: Whole Business Networking

Fostering the mastery of business skills to complement and support our technical skills.
Bottom Liners_5in

Tova and I just came back from a 3 day intensive weekend which was the kickoff for BE Bottoms Lines sponsored by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). We were chosen to be one of the founding members and we’re incredibly excited about it. There were 32 incredible “build related”  business chosen to participate in the launch of the programs.   We will be using the  knowledge and business skills we learn to help Steveworks grow. 

Here is a bit of the of the description from the NESEA Bottom Lines web site:

Building Energy Bottom Lines is a new NESEA initiative to help us use our businesses to create the world we wish for –  make better lives for our families and our employees, enhance our communities, respond to the urgency of climate change, and achieve financial stability. If you have great aspirations for your business that become overwhelmed by mundane daily realities, as we do, “Bottom Lines” may be your ticket to a journey of discovery – think of it as backpacking to better business.   Strenuous, invigorating, scenic  . . .  and fun!

BE Bottom Lines will consist of a group of regional peer group networks of architecture, engineering, building, design/build, energy efficiency, and renewable energy businesses dedicated to high performance building. But the focus will not be on building. The networks will meet several times a year for two day faciliatated sessions at the places of business of individual members and will communicate online year-round. We will share the inner workings of our businesses – open them wide to scrutiny from our peers, who will help us to expand our capabilities and sharpen our skills.