Steveworks to Host March Meeting of Bottom Lines

At steveworks, our focus is on the “triple bottom line” of people, planet and profit. In order to help us improve in all three areas, we joined a new peer networking initiative called Building Energy Bottom Lines (BEBL). Sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BEBL consists of 32 organizations in the building industry divided into three groups. We meet several times a year to share ideas and push each other to continuous improvement in the way we build, manage our businesses and impact our clients, staffs and communities. We’ve had three meetings so far and we’re amazed at how quickly we connected with this incredible group of people who care about doing the right thing, the right way. They feel like family.


steveworks is proud to be hosting the next two-day meeting of our group, in March 2015. As hosts, we will be the focus of the group’s efforts on the second day of the meeting. We’re looking for a couple of clients who would be willing to stop by for 45 minutes on Thursday morning to be interviewed by the group. If you’re interested—or if you have suggestions on things we could improve in any of the three focus areas—please contact us.