Universal Design

A key aspect of sustainability is minimizing waste, and that means building for the long term. People’s needs change but by planning ahead you can make your house work for you and your guests, both now and for years to come.

zero showering-solutions

Are you replacing your doorknobs? Consider levers instead of knobs for ease of use by folks whose hands are full or fingers are stiff. Planning an addition? Try to avoid changes in level from the old space to the new. Remodeling the bathroom? Consider a curbless shower stall. Add grab bars—there are beautiful ones these days that coordinate with your other bath accessories—or put blocking behind the tile so you can easily add them later. Updating your kitchen? Vary your counter heights to accommodate kids, wheelchairs, and activities like kneading dough; use drawers instead of doors; and swap cabinet knobs for easy-open U-shaped pulls.

This is just the start! We’ll encourage you to consider these ideas and others as we help you plan your project.