Don’t Do This!


So the dog woke up at 3 am and started woofing and sneezing. I woke up and smelled something odd; was Tova cleaning the oven? No, she was still sleeping next to me. So I got up, walked around the house, the basement, and finally outside. I opened the garage door to find the garage filled with smoke! There, in a small plastic bucket, was a smoldering balled-up pile of old latex gloves! The guys were oiling some mahogany decking for a repair on Friday; they must have put the gloves in the garage (in front by the door, thankfully) five days ago!

So now the crew and I will be taking much more seriously that part on the deck oil can about disposing of oily rags, and now latex gloves, properly. Tomorrow I’ll take all the combustibles out of the garage and soon will have a metal storage bin outside. All of the online sources I’ve read say to “lay out the rags flat to dry, don’t ball them up, and dispose of them properly.” I’m not sure what “dispose properly” means, but for now I’ll be sure to keep them in a glass jar, filled with water, sealed so no air gets in, and outside!

Also we’ll be putting a smoke and heat detector in the garage! A big thank you to the Newton Fire Department.