Steveworks Helps Out Our Future

Asher & Alex demonstrate window installation.

We were thrilled to participate in EMNARI (Eastern MA National Association of the Renovation Industry) First Annual Youth Remodeling Career Day. The response was incredible. We had just shy of 500 students participate from more than 30 classrooms around the state. The kids were thoroughly engaged and we have already had many teachers emailing to say thank you and share how impressed they were with the activities.

The students participated in demonstrations of tile setting, framing, stair building, painting, and more. Inside in a covered barn, the students participated in mock job interviews, lessons on how to start their own business, and how to get their first job.

Asher, Alex, and I demonstrated how to install a window using proper air sealing and waterproofing techniques. We also demonstrated how to incorporate exterior insulation in order to keep thermal bridging (transfer of heat & cold via lumber) at bay.

Despite waking up at 5am, we had a great day and were encouraged by the many students we met who were serious about a career in the building trades.