The Secret Door

Is there anything more delightful to children, and children-at-heart, than a secret passage? Very few of us are lucky enough to have one in our own homes, but we recently completed a home renovation where you’ll find something hidden behind a seemingly ordinary chalk board located in the kitchen.

This home originally had a servant’s staircase that lead from the kitchen to the second floor. We built a master suite for the homeowners on the second floor and covered up the stairway entrance upstairs to accommodate the new-and-improved layout.

Back downstairs, where the stairway entered the kitchen, we needed to cut back the stair framing to make more room in the kitchen so the old doorway to the stairs wouldn’t fit anymore. We decided to use the old stairway as bonus storage when Asher had a brainstorm. He came up with the idea of creating a narrow “secret” door which we framed out of plywood. Asher then added a layer of sheet metal to the door (making it magnetic!) and painted it with chalkboard paint.

The result? A Secret Door that creates a super fun hiding place for the kids and covers up a unique storage area for the grownups!  Love it!