A Little Summer Reading: A Glimpse at Steve’s Bedside Table

Did you ever wonder what remodeling contractors read when they’re home relaxing? No???? Well, that’s ok, we won’t hold it against you, but Tova and I realized that we actually have pretty interesting piles of books on our bedside tables and thought we’d give you a little glimpse into the inner world of Steve and Tova Greenberg.

So here’s what I’m reading:

Builder’s Guide to Cold Climates and Moisture Control Handbook by Joe Lstiburek. This isn’t light bedtime reading; instead, it’s one of those “read it three or four times before you really absorb everything” kind of books. The book is essentially a building science guide for building in New England. Yes, it’s intense, but if you don’t read this, you’re not a serious builder!

Building Science by Jacob Rascusin. One of the folks in our Bottom Lines peer review group wrote this great book. Building Science goes into detailed explanation of how to build sustainably. It’s easy enough to follow that I give this book out to my clients so they can understand what I’m talking about and how we’re building their homes.

Fitness Cycling – What can I say? I’m still trying to lose a few more pounds!

JLC Magazine – This is a monthly builder’s magazine that is aimed at pros, but wouldn’t be over the head of a serious DIY’er.

Norm Abrams’ House, by none other than Massachusetts’ own Norm Abrams. This book chronicles the amusing story of when Norm built his own home.

The Oz Principle”by Connors/Smith/Hickman. This is an amazing book on business organization and “owning responsibility” in business organizations.

Water in Buildings: An Architect’s Guide to Moisture and Mold by William Rose.  This is the holy grail of building books because NO ONE wants water and moisture in their house, and it’s our job to know how to keep it out. The book details how buildings react to water and how to keep out any water and moisture, including condensation and vapor. Vapor, you ask? Yup. If you breath in your home, you produce water vapor.

Barkitecture by Fred Albert. Adding a little “fun factor” to balance the serious books, this one is all about dog houses!

Tree Houses You Can Actually Build. Maybe someday I’ll have my own show too!

Managing the Emotional Homeowner by David Lupberger. Umm. This is not to say that our clients are ever overly emotional, but this book described how to keep a project moving so that both the client and the contractor are all happy ?

And topping off the pile, you may notice the Fitbit and the Tiger Balm – because those long bike rides for MS take their toll!

Wait … there’s one book missing! The Calvin and Hobbs Treasury is around here somewhere. Or maybe it’s in the bathroom. Or maybe it’s on Tova’s pile of books. We’ll have to check next week when we take an in-depth look at Tova’s bedside table. Stay tuned!