A Little Summer Reading: A Glimpse at Tova’s Bedside Table

Last week we took some time to peruse the pile of books on Steve’s bedside table.  Now it’s my turn! First and foremost, yes, it’s true: we’re married, we own and operate a remodeling business together, but when the lights go down…we each have a pile of building books to read and discuss until the wee hours!

So…starting at the top of my pile you’ll find:

The ever-present Kindle. If I didn’t have a Kindle, the pile, and this blog, would be 10 pages long.

One Good Dog: A Novel by Susan Wilson. Because, we’re dog people and who doesn’t love a good story about a dog?!? In fact, Steve just finished “Two Good Dogs.”

Let There be Water by Seth Siegel. This is a fantastic book about water conservation and other resource conservation in homes and communities.

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma. Sort of a Zen and the Art of Motorcycle-type book about working on your own home.  Another good title would be What the Hell Did I Get Myself Into.

Dwell. A monthly mag with some great ideas.

The Art of Mindfulness. Yes, I like coloring and you should too! This is a great way to “turn off your brain” and refocus.

Not So Big Remodeling. This is part of a wonderful series of books by Susan Susanka.  Susan’s books are about not oversizing homes but, instead, building smaller homes that don’t overstep one’s own footprint on the planet.

Capes: Design Ideas for Updating, Remodeling and Building New. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Cape-style homes – after all, I live in Massachusetts!

The Green Studio Handbook.  This is a good basic handbook on building science and constructing green and sustainable buildings.

Now let’s see.  Where has Steve put my Where’s Waldo? book?