Cool Products: Faucets of the 21st Century

Lately, there seems to be a lot that’s “new” about faucets. That might seem strange to you. It’s a faucet – water comes out, end of story, right?  In fact, there is a little more to it than that as technology has become more prominent in the kitchen…right down to the once-simple faucet.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets, which are motion-activated, keep those dirty hands off the faucet altogether. The benefit: germs stay off the faucet and go straight down the drain with the soap and water. Moen, pictured right, makes touchless faucets for both the kitchen and the bathroom. Notice that they still include a handle if you want to go ‘old-school’ with your faucet operation.

Moen “touchless” faucet.

Touch Faucets

Not sure you trust that it will go on and off with the wave of a hand? These simple ‘touch’ faucets can be tapped anywhere on the faucet – even with an elbow – to turn them on an off. This faucet, from Grohe, includes touch-activated temperature control as well as cleaning mode (activated by touching the faucet for eight seconds). Hands covered in bread dough or paint will be clean as a whistle…and so will the faucet!

GROHE “Minta Touch” faucet.

Flexible Faucets

Now this type of faucet was new to us. We found this ‘flexible faucet’ at Signature Hardware. The spout is made of rubber and it bends – and stays – in the position you place it in. Full 360-degree mobility aims the water exactly where you want it. Plus, it comes in fun colors. More practically, the faucet head and base are made of brass with a rust-resistant finish to keep the metal looking clean and new. There’s even a push aerator to conserve water.