Steveworks in the Boston Globe: “Shortage of Skilled Laborers Adds to Owners’ Headaches, Costs”

Many area homeowners are going to relate to this dilemma: it’s difficult to find a contractor these days. I was interviewed for a story that ran in the Boston Globe’s real estate section recently. The truth is, reputable contractors may WANT to work on a homeowner’s remodeling project, but don’t have the resources. We also may disappoint a homeowner who’s anxious and excited to get a project started, but we can’t schedule construction for a few months.

A large part of the problem is that finding skilled tradespeople has become increasingly difficult. At steveworks, we’re lucky to have an incredible team of carpenters but, the truth is, we’re sometimes at the mercy of the plumbers’ or electricians’ schedules. We would rather set expectations from the beginning so homeowners know that when we start a project, even if it can’t be for a couple of months, we’ll be there until it’s completed. Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or really, ANY room in a home, is a disruption, so we want to minimize the time we’re there and leave the homeowner with a completed project they love.

Learn more about why there’s such a shortage of skilled labor in the Globe article.