Introducing the Dunkin’ Donuts Tiny House

What do New Englanders and this tiny 275-square-foot house have in common? They both run on Dunkin’! Dunkin’ Donuts teamed with New Frontier Tiny Homes and Blue Marble Biomaterials who developed a biofuel blend that is powering “the home that runs on Dunkin’.”

Actress Olivia Wilde contributed her design input, featuring some cool elements that any homeowner might want to incorporate into a remodel. Subway tile, slate countertops, and solid walnut flooring are some of the luxury elements used. Tour the entire house on video by clicking here.

Tiny Houses are catching on fast in the US as we think more about conserving energy and preserving precious resources. In addition to being energy efficient, tiny houses are all about optimizing space (another concept that is well-adapted to any renovation project).

This particular house was based in Nahant, with fabulous water views, and then spent a week in New York City in October with curious folks touring it. Imagine running a washer-dryer, air conditioning, a refrigerator, range and lighting all from coffee grounds! Well, not simply coffee grounds.

The fuel that powers the home’s generator is made from an oil that’s produced from spent Dunkin’ coffee grounds, which comprises 80-percent of the final product, while the rest is alcohol. The recycled grounds were processed by Blue Marble Biomaterials, a company that custom develops products out of plant materials.

New ideas have always sparked progress throughout history. We are witnessing the birth of innovative ways to create energy for our homes and vehicles, to be mindful of the environment we all share, and to break new ground for home design. And even if we typically use our own coffee grounds as compost rather than building a tiny house, we’ll raise our mug of DD to this innovative idea!