Top Five Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Protected in Winter

Winter months can be rough on your hard wood floors, so you’ll want to protect them. Here are five ways to keep your floors looking good despite the weather.

1 – Use salt and sand sparingly outside. Tracking gritty particles into your house can damage wood floors.

2 – Change shoes and boots before walking on the floors. Use a boot tray to catch sand, salt and ice. Boot trays can be simple plastic or fancier. Keep “indoor only” shoes or slippers near the entrance you use most. Offer the same to guests or ask them to remove their shoes, too.

Heated mats from HeatTrak keep snow and ice from accumulating.

3 – Use rugs and walkway mats inside during the winter months and clean them regularly. Use mats outside, too. We like heated stair and walkway mats like Heattrak. You’ll still need to wipe your feet when you come in, but it is a great way to use less salt and sand so there’s less of that to track in. Plus, you’re less likely to slip since the heated mats melt snow and ice away.

4 – Clean up any dirt and water quickly on your floors. Water can stain unprotected floors. When was the last time you renewed the finish on your floors? Your floors might be due for restoration – at least sanding and a fresh coat of polyurethane.

5 – Use a floor care product like the Bona cleaning system to keep your floors clean and preserved. Sweep and vacuum regularly.

Don’t forget your pets! They track sand and salt into the house, too. If your dog won’t wear booties, make sure to wipe their paws when they come inside. You might consider using pet safe ice melt too.

While we recommend these strategies for keeping your floors looking good throughout winter, they work spring, summer, and fall too!