The Story behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: It Starts with a Good Foundation

We’ve been working on an exciting project with clients who desire an accessory apartment for their in-laws. Recently, we wrote about our plans and the subsequent demolition as we prepared for the construction phase.

We knew when we estimated the project that the foundation under the existing garage wouldn’t be sufficient and budgeted the project accordingly. In fact, the original garage had been insufficiently supported by two feet of concrete.

The first step was to dig past the original 2 feet foundation, down another 2 feet. We then built a form and filled it with concrete. The result is a new 4 foot foundation. In addition to all four corners of the structure, we added two more concrete footings for additional support beams.

We brought in Steve Siegal, of Siegel Associates, a trusted structural engineer, to provide his expertise along the way.  Now that this stage is complete and we’ve ensured the proper support for the new building, we’re ready to start framing!

We added a 4’ concrete foundation to the corners of the structure in addition to two more footers for structural beams.
Structural beams have been added to provide additional support.
Designer Tova Greenberg visits the job site.