Cool Products: Biodegradable Gloves

We are always keeping an eye out for new “green” products that we may want to use on job sites and we just found these cool biodegradable gloves that will be great for ANY dirty job – inside or outside the home. We know what you’re thinking – gloves? How could they make a disposable glove that’s rugged enough to actually be useful, yet won’t take millennia to biodegrade?

Green Monkey nitrile gloves are 4 mil thick – that’s sturdy enough for most jobs. You’ll definitely prefer these for specially for tackling messy jobs involving grease or solvents (when you WANT to throw away the gloves after you’re done) but you’ll still need heavy-duty fabric or leather gloves for some jobs. There’s a VIDEO so you can see them in action. Steve Maxwell also reviewed the gloves for the Journal of Light Construction (JLC).

Watson, the glove manufacturer, claims that Green Monkeys will break down in a landfill in about 10 years. For reference, regular plastic gloves take about 200 years to break down. They claim, “Once the biodegradation process begins, the additive in the Green Monkey nitrile disposables will ensure that they do not just break down into smaller plastic pieces, but are actually converted to biogas like other organic materials.”

Oh and p.s.: in case you’re allergic to latex these won’t be a problem. Green Monkey gloves are made of hypo-allergenic nitrile. Wondering about cost? Only $20 for a box of 100 – worth a try!

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