Back to the Dentist! Steveworks Remodels Dental Office in the Nick of Time

We’ve all had at least one or two … sometimes more … appointments put off over the last couple of months. Well-visits to the doctor, haircuts (don’t get us started on dearly missed haircuts) and, of course, visits to the dentist. As Governor Baker’s plans to reopen businesses have unfolded and Phase 1 went into effect last week, we had the opportunity to be a part of our favorite dentist’s office-safety plan prior to reopening.

Hastily erected plexiglass barriers have been used as barriers between check-out clerks at our local grocery and drug stores over the last month or so. Now, in order to open safely, offices are doing the same thing for their front desk staff—including in the reception area of our dentist’s office in Cambridge.

Rather than erect an easily-broken and flimsy plexiglass shield, our own Asher Greenberg redesigned the front reception area with new safety standards in mind. Asher brought in Matt Smith, Special Projects Manager from Allstate Glass Co., for the installation. As you can imagine, we rushed to get this project done so that the dentist could open as soon as possible. In fact, the first patient checked in just as we were leaving! Time to reschedule that dental cleaning!

At the client’s request the panels are attached to the back of the counter. In the future (fingers crossed!), we can take the panels down there will be no holes to patch.
The glass partitions look like they were part of the original design of the reception area rather than a last-minute safety measure.
While plexiglass screens are easily broken and scratched, these partitions are crystal clear and extremely strong.