Steveworks’ Own Asher Greenberg Discusses Sustainable Building on the “Drinking & Drashing: Torah with a Twist” Podcast

steveworks‘ Production Manager Asher Greenberg

Asher Greenberg, our production manager extraordinaire here at steveworks, was recently the featured guest on the Drinking and Drashing: Torah with a Twist podcast. The podcast, hosted by fourth-year rabbinical student Amanda K. Weiss and fourth-year cantorial student Gabe Snyder, and produced by Edon Valdman, explores “turning Torah into real life, tangible tactics.” Each episode features an interesting and inspiring guest who incorporates their Jewish background into their everyday work. So clearly, Asher was a great choice!

OK, we’re biased, but we really do believe he was the perfect guest! Why? A quick look at Asher’s background helps tell the story. As Asher explains in the podcast, he started building when he was five, helping his dad with projects. Asher’s skills and passions let him to a career in sustainable remodeling. Raised by his parents Steve and Tova to be mindful of the environment, Asher combines the science of how homes are built with sustainable ways “to use fewer resources and actually have a positive impact on the environment rather than a negative one.”

Asher conducts a “blower door test,” allowing him to search tiny air leaks that will lessen the energy efficiency of this new addition. Once any leaks are located and sealed properly, the finish walls can go up, and the homeowners are assured that their home is properly weatherproofed!

Asher believes that their approach to sustainable building and remodeling sets steveworks apart from other builders. The team at steveworks is “driven by the desire to have positive impact on our community.” The idea of “community first” is one of the most important values in Jewish culture.

In fact, steveworks is very active in a group called the BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines which is run by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NSEA). Together, participating businesses have a firm commitment to the “three Ps” – people, planet, and profit, with people and planet more important than profit. As Asher explains in the podcast, this supports steveworks’ company values as a mission-driven company and its commitment to building beautiful, efficient homes that will last.

Interested in learning more? We hope so! You can listen to the entire podcast here.