Homeowners Think Their Bathroom Transformation Is the “Cat’s Meow”

The original bathroom was dated and very … green.

When Sarah and Felix Scheuplein moved into their Weston home three years ago, they knew right away that they didn’t love the primary bathroom, but it was “mostly” functional so they chose to live with it for a while. As a result, they knew just what they wanted when the time finally came to remodel the bathroom.

The original bathroom included a large, built-in tub that took up too much space. The shower was wedged in the corner of the room. And everywhere you looked there was green tile – a reflection of the bathroom’s previous makeover in the 1990s. Overall the room was dated and had a poor layout.

The Scheupliens hope was to create a “functional and easy-to-clean” bathroom with midcentury modern design aesthetic that worked with the rest of the Cape Cod-style home.  No tub was necessary so there was extra room for a much larger shower and a longer double vanity made by Bertch.

It’s the “little luxuries” that take this bathroom to the next level. A Kartners Atlanta towel warmer was added under the window, and heated floors keep toes warm on cooler nights. The shower features a linear drain which means no curb was necessary to keep water in.  A thermostatic mix valve and shower head by Crosswater finish off the modern shower.

The new bathroom features tons of storage between the modern floating vanity and the linen tower. But it’s the beautiful blue accent tile that first draws your eye. Black-framed medicine cabinets from Pottery Barn make the vanity wall pop.

The Scheupleins chose steveworks because of their reputation for sustainable building. “It’s important to us to use sustainable methods and have a lighter footprint on the environment,” explained Sarah. “We wanted to go with someone who cared about the footprint and knew about water and energy efficiency.” To that end, extra insulation was added to the walls, water saving fixtures were used, and the towel warmer and floor are on timers to maximize energy savings. Because the bathroom is located over an unheated garage, we also added insulation below the floor. Now the room is super cozy!

One of the two windows in the bathroom was reduced in size to make room for the Kartners towel warmer.

In the end, the Scheupleins are very happy with the renovation. “The new bathroom definitely captures the calm, functional serenity we were aiming for!” says Sarah. “Plus, we loved working with steveworks and that they are a family run business focused on sustainable remodeling. We’d highly recommend them!”

A mix of finishes enlivens the space. Faucets by Crosswater; accessories by Kartners.

No one expected was that the cats would love the heated floor even more than the homeowners! They are most often found napping underneath the floating vanity.