Cool Products: Two Cool Shower Heads

When we meet potential clients who are interested in remodeling their primary bathrooms, we often hear the words “We want it to be spa-like.” And of course they do! As the popularity of showers over bathtubs has increased, more and more emphasis has been placed on luxurious showers. Homeowners often hope to include glass enclosures, shower seats, plenty of shelf space for shampoo/soap, towel warmers, heated floors, and beautiful ceramic or natural stone tile.

But where a shower can really take it to the NEXT LEVEL is in the shower head. Our favorites are the ones that are

1) attractive
2) practical (handhelds are super helpful)
3) provide great pressure, and
4) save water

Here is a look at a couple of shower heads you should consider for your bathroom remodel.


This shower head combines the must-have wall mounted shower head with the convenience of a handheld—all in one. It is an elegant way to add a handheld without having to add a separate water supply. In fact, if you were retrofitting a shower and simply upgrading your shower head, this might be the perfect option to combine both the practicality of an overhead shower with the convenience of a handheld.

Wondering how it attaches when you’re finished with the handheld? Turns out that there are two options: a hook mount and a magnet mount. The magnet is very strong “so it stays docked when not in use and doesn’t droop over time.” Want to see it in action? Check out Delta’s YouTube video.


We are really excited about RainStick and would love to see it in action. Wi-Fi enabled, this smart shower doesn’t simply send water straight down the drain. Instead, it captures, cleans, and recirculates most of the water. They say that each drop is used six times before it heads down the drain. To make sure the water stays clean, after it touches your body, it goes through a micron screen and is treated with intense UV light to kill viruses and bacteria. Plus, a small amount of new water is added to refresh the cycle. Overall, Rainstick claims to save 80% of water as well as 80% of the heat energy when you shower. That’s pretty impressive!

Definitely check out the Rainstick YouTube video below if you’re as curious as we are! And if you’d like to be the client that tries out the Rainstick, let us know!!