About Us

At steveworks, we expect all our jobs to exemplify craftsmanship, durability, and value. These principles are important to the customers who frequently come back to us or pass us along to new clients, and they are the pillars of sustainable building. Being sustainable requires us to take into account energy performance, the sources and quantity of materials and resources, and how often those materials or other parts of your home will last. We believe quality craftsmanship, durability, value, and sustainability can all be implemented with a practical approach that will fit in any budget.


Craftsmanship is more than just tight trim and elegant details; it is the ability to take pride in your work. My father always told me that if something is not worth doing well, it’s a waste of time. This is the model we insist upon at steveworks, and it is something that sets us apart. We pride ourselves in paying attention to every detail of the construction process to give you the highest quality possible, so you will always know your project was done by skilled professionals. In the end, we are confident you will want to show off our work as much as we do.


Peeling paint, cracked or bowed deck boards, and wide-open trim joints don’t just look bad, they are often symptoms of more problematic construction mistakes. Water infiltration and material corrosion can quickly ruin a project, but they are easily prevented with careful planning and proper technique. Durability is always on our minds when we build. We take care to employ the most effective techniques and use the most modern materials to prevent both structural and aesthetic degradation, and we fully inform our clients of any maintenance that will need to be done down the road. We do all this to keep your project looking beautiful long after we leave, not to mention to save you time and money down the road.  At steveworks, we build it right and we build it to last.


Over the years, we have learned that while a large crew looks great in the company photo, it can be difficult and costly to maintain. Instead, you’ll notice that steveworks is a highly flexible small business, able to grow to fit your job’s needs without costing us—and thus you—unnecessary overhead. That’s just one way we are able to offer remarkable value. In fact, all our business goals, including sustainability and durability, help you make the most of your time and money. We offer great service and great value so you can be confident in your investment.

My name is on the sign!–a message from Stevesteve-truck2

I’m not just the boss. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and I’m proud of my cuts and calluses. I manage the job, but I still like to get in there, get dirty, and drive some nails. I have always loved carpentry and general problem solving, and being “hands-on” keeps me in touch with the job. My name—and “with sons”—is on the sign, and my family and I take great pride in our work. I make sure to build things I can look back on with satisfaction and pride. My clients appreciate that I look after their job personally. They feel like they are ultimately doing business with a person, not a company

No job is too big or too small

At steveworks we can help with your design-build project whether it starts as a hole in the ground, or it’s a kitchen or bath renovation.We also do custom millwork and built-ins. Don’t have any projects in mind but need help with some small stuff? We’re always happy to do handyman services – no job is too small. And, if you’re happy with how we did the small jobs, have us come back to do more! Because of customer satisfaction many of our handyman projects lead to larger jobs or new clients; it’s a win-win for both of us.