Sustainability and “Going Green”

When it comes to construction or renovation on your home, there’s a lot more to being ‘green’ than having a Greenberg on the job. At steveworks, we make a great effort to reduce our projects’ effects on the environment. Our approach to building sustainably incorporates careful planning, cutting-edge techniques, and environmentally friendly materials. We build sustainably not just to save you money on energy and maintenance and increase the value of your home, but also because we feel it is the upstanding and responsible way to do business. Green building is smart building. It should be—and will soon be—an everyday thing. We are eager and ready to find environmentally responsible solutions for our clients’ needs.

There are a lot of things to consider regarding sustainable or ‘green’ building: energy use; longevity and durability of materials, fixtures, and appliances; manufacturing and transportation methods; materials sourcing; waste and recyclability; toxicity, and more. We have the experience to properly address all these concerns in our projects, and our satisfied clients can attest to this.

Energy performance has become a hot topic in the construction world, and we are proud to say we are at the forefront of this movement. Upping a home’s energy performance helps protect valuable natural resources, makes your home more comfortable, and can save you substantial amounts of money. Many of our projects include an energy retrofit; this can involve insulating, air sealing, and upgrading heating and cooling equipment to perform at the highest level possible. Saving energy also includes picking the right appliances and fixtures, and designing a space in which they can be used efficiently.

We are constantly improving our techniques as the industry rapidly progresses so you can be sure your project will be as green as possible. Some of our cutting-edge techniques include:

  • Building-envelope air sealing
  • Blower-door and smoke machine air infiltration testing
  • Infrared camera thermal diagnostics
  • Smart framing with metal fasteners and less lumber
  • HVAC system efficiency evaluation and upgrades


In addition to addressing the future performance of our projects, we always consider the environmental impact of the materials that go into them. Are the materials produced locally? Does the manufacturer have a clean environmental record? Is the lumber from a properly managed forest? Is the waste recyclable? These are just a few of the questions we ask to help protect the environment outside your home. But we put just as much thought into protecting the environment inside your home. For example, we are EPA-certified to properly contain and remove lead dust in older homes. We use low-VOC finishes, hospital-quality HEPA vacuums, and a negative pressure machine to keep your indoor air healthy and safe.

Our sustainability strategy is essential to our mission at steveworks. We know building green is a smart investment, and we are committed to addressing all these needs within any budget. We want you to feel good about living in your home, and save some money, too!