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Entering Newton

Everything You Need to Know About Newton Accessory Apartments

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that housing is at a premium in Newton, MA. Not only are real estate prices high, there simply isn’t much inventory and there isn’t a lot of room for additional development. One simple solution that our hometown is beginning to embrace is accessory apartments, which […]

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Not a Tiny House, but a Large Shed!

For the first time in a while we built something from the ground up.  It was  fun for the crew to frame and Alex had a blast making the custom barn doors. The shed footprint is 12×16′ and has shelving around it’s perimeter and we designed loft storage space in as well.  

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4x4 post

Open it Up!

Sometimes a simple move can have a big impact.  Removing two walls made this small kitchen feel much bigger.  The perimeter cabinets and tile are original; we added an island in a contrasting color. To fill in the floor where the walls were and ease the transition between the existing floor and the tile we added […]

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dining view500_300

Kitchen Bump-out Was So Worthwhile

After interviewing several contractors, we are so glad we hired Steve and his crew to completely rebuild and expand our 1950s kitchen in our fixerupper. Steve was incredibly detail oriented, yet flexible and patient in working with and advising us as we designed most of the kitchen and small addition project ourselves. He did everything […]

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Measuring twice and cutting once has put quite a strain on our tape measures this year. I’m very happy to report that we followed up a great 2013 with an even better 2014. Our projects included a few baths, a couple of kitchens, an attic conversion, and what felt like a square mile of decks. […]

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Easy as (Pizza) Pie

Steve redid our entire kitchen, and was a pleasure to work with. From the beginning, he made sure we understood the scope of the work – including work that we might consider because we had walls and the ceiling open – and explained upfront when the plan had to change, and why. Communication was never […]

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Much of the magic that makes a job run smoothly from the start of the estimate through the final walkthrough is not magic at all, but careful planning and collaboration between all the players. We work hard  to make our projects with you a successful collaborative and efficient process. This You Tube video by the […]

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BE Bottom Lines: Whole Business Networking

Fostering the mastery of business skills to complement and support our technical skills. Tova and I just came back from a 3 day intensive weekend which was the kickoff for BE Bottoms Lines sponsored by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). We were chosen to be one of the founding members and we’re incredibly excited about it. There […]

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Cedar left500x300hero

The cure for a headache

Our client was tired of walking up her attic stairs and hitting her head on the ceiling, so we bumped up the roof with a shed dormer.  To conserve valuable floor space and to keep to an open plan, we couldn’t run posts through the room, which is the conventional way to support the ridge […]

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Homage to the Sistine Chapel

It didn’t take Dan as long to paint the underside of this return soffit as it took Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  No detail is too small, but luckily the soffit was a lot smaller than the Chapel.

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