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Homeowners Focus on Outdoor Spaces

Reposted with permission from EM NARI. steveworks is a proud member of the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Written by: Cheryl Savit, EM NARI PR Committee Member Since the weather warmed up in May, more of us have been spending time outdoors. Construction and landscaping jobs have heated up, […]

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Back to the Dentist! steveworks remodels dental office in the nick of time

We’ve all had at least one or two…sometimes more…appointments put off over the last couple of months. Well visits to the doctor, haircuts (don’t get us started on dearly-missed haircuts) and, of course, visits to the dentist. As Governor Baker’s plans to reopen businesses have unfolded and Phase 1 went into effect last week, we […]

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Remote Design Meeting

“Quality Time” During the Quarantine for the steveworks Team

It feels like every time you look at social media you see pictures of people spending their time taking up new hobbies (sourdough anyone!) to make their time at home during the quarantine more enjoyable. This week, as Massachusetts starts to open back up, and we start working in people’s homes again, we wanted to […]

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RL kitchen almost done

steveworks Shuts Down Field Work but Continues Planning Future Remodeling Projects

In early to mid-March as the severity of the crisis started to become clear, the steveworks team decided that the best response to keep our clients, trade colleagues, employees and all of their families safe was to wind down projects. First, we had to make sure our clients and their families had what they needed […]

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Crescent kitchenette

The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Appliances

For some homeowners, remodeling a kitchen and choosing appliances means going “bigger” – double ovens, 6-8 burners on the stovetop, or adding a steam oven or warming drawer. In the case of our accessory apartment, bigger doesn’t mean better. Instead, we chose appliances that are not only appropriately sized for the space and amount of […]

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The units, which also provide dehumidification, are operated by a remote control. The homeowners simply set the preferred temperature and the unit senses if heating or air conditioning is needed.

The Story Behind and Accessory Apartment: HVAC

Work continues on the Accessory Apartment we’ve been blogging about over the last couple of months. The project is really starting to come together! A few weeks ago we installed the HVAC system now that the walls are up and the unit is insulated. The main section of the home has a gas fired furnace […]

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The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Insulation

It’s time to insulate the Newton accessory apartment that we’ve been writing about. We know…we’re probably the only ones that get excited about insulation, but choosing the right materials for the job and using the best installation techniques are not only what will keep this family warm in the winter and cool in the summer, […]

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The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Framing

  We hope you’ve been following the evolution of our latest project: an accessory apartment in Newton. From a homeowner’s perspective, one of the most exciting parts of a project is when the walls and roof go up and they can start to visualize their project becoming a reality. From our perspective, we’re just as […]

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The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: It Starts with a Good Foundation

We’ve been working on an exciting project with clients who desire an accessory apartment for their in-laws. Recently we wrote about our plans and the subsequent demolition as we prepared for the construction phase. We knew when we estimated the project that the foundation under the existing garage wouldn’t be sufficient and budgeted the project […]

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The dumpster has arrived; George, one of our carpenters, waits for the Mark One crew.

The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Demolition Time!

  We’re writing a series of blogs about an accessory apartment that we’re building in Newton. Once our clients approved the plan and selected their finishes, we were able to finalize the budget and sign a construction agreement.  As soon as the ground thawed this spring, work began. We first had to remove the existing […]

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