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This small kitchen has the convenience of modern appliances in petite sizes. On the right is a door to an outside staircase, the second means of egress.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Maximizing Space and Comfort

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, have become popular as local municipalities have relaxed regulations to allow more homeowners the opportunity to create independent residential spaces. In this article we explain what makes ADUs unique, and some of the special considerations when deciding to build one such as whether to retrofit within an existing home, or […]

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Why We Consider Universal Design in Every Project

When Tova designs a renovation, she always keeps universal design (UD) principles in mind to ensure homeowners of all abilities can enjoy their space. “Small changes can make a big difference,” explains Tova. “Whether it’s grab bars for the bath, a wider doorway, or sloped entrances, these types of design accommodations make it easier for […]

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Homeowners Think Their Bathroom Transformation is “The Cat’s Meow”

  When Sarah and Felix Scheuplein moved into their Weston home three years ago, they knew right away that they didn’t love the primary bathroom, but it was “mostly” functional so they chose to live with it for a while. As a result, they knew just what they wanted when the time finally came to […]

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A New Screen Porch For Indoor/Outdoor Living!

Everyone loves indoor/outdoor living during the warmer months. And ever since the pandemic hit, homeowners are looking for ways to expand their living areas and create safer spaces to spend time with friends/family. This porch transformation achieved both of those goals! This Newton home had a glass sunroom with a hot tub that was never […]

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Whole Home Remodel/Expansion Part 3: Building an Airtight Addition – Blower Door Testing

What was once simply empty space above the garage has now been completely framed out. Entering the space, the homeowners can now see where their new office, bathroom and guest bedroom will be. It’s starting to come together! In our last blog, we discussed framing and insulation. The next step is to make sure the […]

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Whole Home Remodel/Expansion Part 2: Framing the Addition

Construction is in high gear in Hopkinton! You may have read our previous blog where we outlined our latest big project: adding a large addition, as well as remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms of this three-bedroom home built in 1983. Our first mission: build a large addition above the garage that will include an office, […]

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Whole Home Remodel/Expansion – Part 1: Exploring the Design Possibilities

Homeowners who haven’t been through a large-scale remodel before would probably tell you that a project “begins” when construction starts. The truth is that months of planning go into any successful remodeling project before anyone pulls out a power tool. We met a family in Hopkinton in January 2020. They had big ideas for their […]

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What Does a Home Remodel Cost in 2020? Is this even a good time to do a home remodel?

We write this same blog ever year – and for good reason! Often, homeowners have no idea what a remodel is going to cost. After all, if you haven’t done one recently—or ever!– it’s hard to pull a number out of thin air and the information you find online can be unrealistic. Worse yet, television […]

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The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Insulation

It’s time to insulate the Newton accessory apartment that we’ve been writing about. We know…we’re probably the only ones that get excited about insulation, but choosing the right materials for the job and using the best installation techniques are not only what will keep this family warm in the winter and cool in the summer, […]

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The Story Behind a Newton Accessory Apartment: Framing

  We hope you’ve been following the evolution of our latest project: an accessory apartment in Newton. From a homeowner’s perspective, one of the most exciting parts of a project is when the walls and roof go up and they can start to visualize their project becoming a reality. From our perspective, we’re just as […]

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