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Interview with an Expert: Countertop Trends

We recently wrote an article about choosing the most environmentally friendly countertops. That had us wondering about trends and what an expert would recommend. So we decided to ask our favorite countertop expert: Mara Penha at Onyx Marble & Granite. Onyx is a local family-owned business – we love that about them! And Mara is […]

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Choosing the Best Countertop for your Home … and the Environment

Choosing countertops for a newly remodeled kitchen can be daunting. Because our clients are often as “sustainably minded” as we are, they usually have three main criteria when choosing countertop: Attractiveness Durability Sustainability According to home remodeling shows, it can seem as if the only possible choices are granite or quartz. But are those really […]

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Why We Recommend Induction Stoves

Hopefully you know where the steveworks team stands in terms of choosing electric over gas. (HINT: electric all the way!) We thought we’d take a minute to take this stance one step further and get specific in terms of ranges and cooktops. Hands down, at steveworks, we believe that an induction range/stove is your best […]

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Steveworks’ Own Asher Greenberg Discusses Sustainable Building on the “Drinking & Drashing: Torah with a Twist” Podcast

Asher Greenberg, our Production Manager extraordinaire here at steveworks, was recently the featured guest on the Drinking and Drashing: Torah with a Twist podcast. The podcast, hosted by fourth-year rabbinical student Amanda K. Weiss and fourth-year cantorial student Gabe Snyder, and produced by Edon Valdman, explores “turning Torah into real life, tangible tactics.” Each episode […]

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The Impact of Climate Change on Lumber Prices

In the home building and remodeling industry, lumber prices have been top-of-mind since 2020. The impact of Covid on lumber mills and transportation in the early days of the pandemic certainly had an immediate impact on price and availability. And there has been a lot of attention on the supply chain issues across the entire […]

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US Energy History VIsualization

Where Does America’s Energy Come From and How to Make the Best Energy Choice for Your Own Home

It’s time for a history lesson! No, don’t click away…we promise that this is super interesting – especially if you’re considering updating your HVAC or hot water systems in the near future. Over the past 100+ years, energy consumption and sources in the United States have evolved. For example, there was a huge shift in […]

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Lumber Prices Volatile In 2020

To say that lumber prices have been volatile this year is an understatement. Framing lumber prices soared through much of the year – up nearly 120% at their peak in September when prices reached more than $950 per thousand board feet. Members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, including steveworks, are doing everything […]

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Whole Home Remodel/Expansion Part 3: Building an Airtight Addition – Blower Door Testing

What was once simply empty space above the garage has now been completely framed out. Entering the space, the homeowners can now see where their new office, bathroom and guest bedroom will be. It’s starting to come together! In our last blog, we discussed framing and insulation. The next step is to make sure the […]

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What Does a Home Remodel Cost in 2020? Is this even a good time to do a home remodel?

We write this same blog ever year – and for good reason! Often, homeowners have no idea what a remodel is going to cost. After all, if you haven’t done one recently—or ever!– it’s hard to pull a number out of thin air and the information you find online can be unrealistic. Worse yet, television […]

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steveworks Shuts Down Field Work but Continues Planning Future Remodeling Projects

In early to mid-March as the severity of the crisis started to become clear, the steveworks team decided that the best response to keep our clients, trade colleagues, employees and all of their families safe was to wind down projects. First, we had to make sure our clients and their families had what they needed […]

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