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steveworks to Host March Meeting of Bottom Lines

At steveworks, our focus is on the “triple bottom line” of people, planet and profit. In order to help us improve in all 3 areas, we joined a new peer networking initiative called Building Energy Bottom Lines. Sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BEBL consists of 32 organizations in the building industry divided […]

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BE Bottom Lines: Whole Business Networking

Fostering the mastery of business skills to complement and support our technical skills. Tova and I just came back from a 3 day intensive weekend which was the kickoff for BE Bottoms Lines sponsored by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). We were chosen to be one of the founding members and we’re incredibly excited about it. There […]

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What I learned at WPI today

I attended a great workshop at Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI, a very cool place) on Deep Energy Retrofits (DER).  DER  renovations involve super insulation techniques, high efficiency mechanical ( heat,A/C, ventilation, domestic hot water) and if executed well can bring the energy load of a home down by 70%.  They also promote much healthier living spaces. […]

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Budding Building Scientist

The students of the 6th grade class at Oak Hill Middle School in Newton were studying the properties of insulation. They built small cardboard homes and insulated them  using  foam, spun wool, felt, tin foil, bubble wrap. They used plastic for windows, some even attempted “double glazing”. They placed a cup of hot water on […]

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Baby it’s Cold Outside, But Not in Here!

You’ve asked before how the insulation in the new room is working. I thought you’d be interested in the following: last night, outside temps dipped below zero, and the room’s only heat source at night is indirect (through the open door from the dining room, the radiator in which is on the opposite wall from […]

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Our Site is Blowing in the Wind

It is important to us at Steveworks to promote sustainable building practices (a.k.a. Green)  and run our business in the same manner.  Our goal is always to lead by example and and to “walk the talk”.  For this reason we have switched our web site host to Canvas Dreams.  Take a look below at their […]

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cutting hole

When is a Hole in Your Roof a Good Thing?

The basic scope of this job was to replace the failing roofing shingles and to replace the cedar siding shingles, as the old ones no longer held paint.  Midway through the job, our client mentioned that his legs were always cold under his desk, in the developed attic above the garage.  We’re always looking for ways […]

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M2C_0030_Menu_Stone Wool_OriginProps

Do Rocks Make Good Insulation?

Roxul Corporation’s answer is “yes.” Roxul manufactures stone wool, aka mineral wool, insulation “locally” in Ontario Canada and also  in Europe. They sponsored Joe Lstiburek ( the “l” is silent) of Building Science Corporation for a one day lecture on wall enclosure design and (as you might expect) rock wool. Here’s why this is exciting […]

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IECC 2012

Change is Good!

Just back from my workshop on IECC 2012 ( 2012 International Energy Conservation Code), which is the model that many of state building codes here in the US of A. While the workshop was as exciting as it sounds I would like to share one take away with you all. As compared to the 2006 […]

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Gotta Have One (or more) of These!

Up until now we were advocating for compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) on all our projects.  While the amount of electricity (watts) used per lumen (brightness) was relatively low, color was always an issue. Enter the LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs.  They have an even better watt per lumen ratio and the color of the […]

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