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Don’t Ignore Your Tankless Water Heater: Yearly Maintenance Reminder

Aaaaahhhh the tankless water heater. Conjuring images of hot, steamy showers and luxurious baths…even after all the kids have bathed. Tankless water heaters promise an endless supply of hot water. Plus, there’s the energy savings that comes along with a system that isn’t required to keep a huge tank of water hot, and the water […]
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Be Kind to Your Roof

We recently had the opportunity to go up on a roof to check for leaks and after a very short time we had a pretty good idea what the cause was.  Please don’t let anyone go up on your roof and hack at the ice with hammers, axes, and other instruments of destruction. Use a roof rake […]
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Snowmageddon ’15

I’d like to raise a few points to the discussion of ice dams and snow removal; 1) Poor insulation in walls and in attics is a major cause of ice dams. While ice dams will occur just from solar melting, heat from your attic and exterior walls is a major cause of the ice melting and […]
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So Did Your Basement Flood?

The safest bet I can make is that I’ll get numerous calls about flooded basements after a long day of heavy rain. Tonight was no exception. There are many reasons basements fill with rain water, from cracks in foundations to water pouring down bulkhead stairs. Tonight all my calls were from the same cause: poorly […]
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Beat the Bugs!

Good home maintenance starts with keeping out uninvited houseguests.  No, not your in-laws or your teenager’s horde of friends (though they may really bug you!) we’re talking about wood-munching insects.  Carpenter ants and termites can cause costly damage to your home’s structural backbone and architectural details, so it’s best to keep them away. Follow these […]
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It’s Too Cold to Water Your Tomatoes!

But, if you don’t turn off the internal water spigot valve this winter, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing … if you’re lucky. If you’re not lucky, you’ll flood your basement. How do I know what to turn off? If you have a frost free spigot–take a look at the photo– you’re good to go! […]
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Ban the Drafts

Drafts are common in old homes and unfortunately in some newer ones as well. Turning up the heat doesn’t solve the problem and just wastes energy. One of the often-overlooked culprits is cold air passing around and through the sill plate and rim joist, the framing between the top of the foundation and the bottom […]
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Give a Damn, Don’t Get a Dam!

“Dam!” That’s what many contractors and homeowners alike were thinking during the winter of 2011. The constant snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold wreaked havoc on our homes—especially our roofs.  Many of us tired quickly of those cute little icicles as they grew into large ice masses hanging onto the edges of our roofs, punishing the […]