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Modern Technology Enhances Old Technique

I was sent a newsletter from a publication called Tools of the Trade. The article is about residential construction techniques in Japan. I thought the article was interesting from two points of view. One being how new technology and automation is stepping in to keep up with construction. The other, which is a derivative point […]
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A Cure for a Headache

Our client was tired of walking up her attic stairs and hitting her head on the ceiling, so we bumped up the roof with a shed dormer. To conserve valuable floor space and to keep to an open plan, we couldn’t run posts through the room, which is the conventional way to support the ridge beam, […]
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In the Hole!

Q: How do you get eight 6″ x 16′ long wood beams and two 14″ x 16′ beams, weighing about 600 pounds total, into a small window in the attic on the third floor? You can’t use a boom truck or crane or drive up into the garden, and there are utility wires everywhere! Click here […]
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View Our Review

Here’s a review I wrote for the Journal of Light Construction about the Fast Cap Dust Door. Take a moment to peruse the article to get an idea of how we control dust on our job site. The calculator is pretty nice to if you ever want to cut roof rafters.
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Prime All Cuts. It’s So Simple.

We do care, a lot. We care about doing the job right the first time.  We hate the waste of tearing apart something relatively new that has failed because of poor craftsmanship. We also care about using best practice techniques in construction, water management, and insulation. We care about using sustainably harvested lumber, low-VOC adhesives and finishes, […]
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“Blues Brothers” Now Appearing at steveworks

Move over Dan Ackroyd and Jim Belushi; meet the steveworks Blues Brothers*, the heart of our interior dust-control management team.  “Elwood” is a HEPA-grade negative air fan; “Jake” is a HEPA-grade vacuum.  Together, they keep all the dust contained in the work zone and continuously clean the air on the job site. Neatness counts on […]
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Putting REScheck to Work for Permitting

Here’s a recent article published in JLC, The Journal of Light Construction. We used REScheck, which is  wonderful software to determine if your new construction meets IECC insulation requirements.
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Greener PVC

  Recycling cardboard and metal on the job site has always been a no brainer, but PVC was not always so easy.  Steveworks is proud to announce that we now recycle PVC!  Thanks to F.D. Sterritt Lumber Co., our local supplier, PVC is becoming a more sustainable choice.  Instead of going to landfills, we bring our […]
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Give a Damn, Don’t Get a Dam!

“Dam!” That’s what many contractors and homeowners alike were thinking during the winter of 2011. The constant snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold wreaked havoc on our homes—especially our roofs.  Many of us tired quickly of those cute little icicles as they grew into large ice masses hanging onto the edges of our roofs, punishing the […]