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Why We Consider Universal Design in Every Project

When Tova designs a renovation, she always keeps universal design (UD) principles in mind to ensure homeowners of all abilities can enjoy their space. “Small changes can make a big difference,” explains Tova. “Whether it’s grab bars for the bath, a wider doorway, or sloped entrances, these types of design accommodations make it easier for […]

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Why We Recommend Induction Stoves

Hopefully you know where the steveworks team stands in terms of choosing electric over gas. (HINT: electric all the way!) We thought we’d take a minute to take this stance one step further and get specific in terms of ranges and cooktops. Hands down, at steveworks, we believe that an induction range/stove is your best […]

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Back to the Dentist! steveworks remodels dental office in the nick of time

We’ve all had at least one or two…sometimes more…appointments put off over the last couple of months. Well visits to the doctor, haircuts (don’t get us started on dearly-missed haircuts) and, of course, visits to the dentist. As Governor Baker’s plans to reopen businesses have unfolded and Phase 1 went into effect last week, we […]

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“Quality Time” During the Quarantine for the steveworks Team

It feels like every time you look at social media you see pictures of people spending their time taking up new hobbies (sourdough anyone!) to make their time at home during the quarantine more enjoyable. This week, as Massachusetts starts to open back up, and we start working in people’s homes again, we wanted to […]

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What Does a Home Remodel Cost in 2020? Is this even a good time to do a home remodel?

We write this same blog ever year – and for good reason! Often, homeowners have no idea what a remodel is going to cost. After all, if you haven’t done one recently—or ever!– it’s hard to pull a number out of thin air and the information you find online can be unrealistic. Worse yet, television […]

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steveworks Shuts Down Field Work but Continues Planning Future Remodeling Projects

In early to mid-March as the severity of the crisis started to become clear, the steveworks team decided that the best response to keep our clients, trade colleagues, employees and all of their families safe was to wind down projects. First, we had to make sure our clients and their families had what they needed […]

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Unprecedented Times: How we’re handing COVID-19

Steveworks is a family business. Like you, our family is taking the current situation with COVID-19 day-by-day, even hour-by-hour. Currently, we are suspending ‘field’ work. That means we are working with our current clients to make sure they have at least temporary kitchens and bathrooms in working order to get them through the weeks at […]

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Hard Wood Floors Protected in Winter

Winter months can be rough on your hard wood floors, so you’ll want to protect them. Here are five ways to keep your floors looking good despite the weather. 1 – Use salt and sand sparingly outside. Tracking gritty particles into your house can damage wood floors.     2 – Change shoes and boots […]

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Don’t Do This!

So the dog woke up at 3 am and Moxie started woofing and sneezing.  I woke up and smelled something odd, was Tova cleaning the oven? No, she was still sleeping next to me.  So I got up, walked around the house, the basement, and finally outside. I opened the garage door to find the garage […]

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