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Getting into Hot Water

  Recently I received this letter from a client about replacing their heating system.  I’ve found that the questions they asked come up quite often, so I decided to share… Dear Steve, We are about to replace our heating system.  As you may recall, we have a 60-plus-year-old boiler providing forced hot water for our […]

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Don’t Go Too Low

Don’t Go Too Low, Turning your heat too low can damage your furnace If you’ve installed (or are about to install) a high efficiency-condensing furnace in your home, you know you are (or will be) saving money on heating.  You might be tempted to turn the thermostats down to save even more.  That’s a good […]

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A New Tool in our Bag

Sometimes you need more than a hammer and a saw to do the job right.  We now are the proud owners of a FLIR infrared (IR) camera.  The camera helps us check for air infiltration and missing insulation as well as hidden moisture problems.  Recently we found a huge leak behind a wall which we […]

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Preserving Our Past

Recently we were asked to participate in a workshop sponsored by NESEA (North East Sustainable Energy Association) which Steveworks is a member. Visiting the Waterworks Museum  ( is an amazing experience. It’s a spectacular Richardsonian Romanesque structure that still houses the massive pumps that were key components in getting fresh water to Boston at the turn […]

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Our Site is Blowing in the Wind

It is important to us at Steveworks to promote sustainable building practices (a.k.a. Green)  and run our business in the same manner.  Our goal is always to lead by example and and to “walk the talk”.  For this reason we have switched our web site host to Canvas Dreams.  Take a look below at their […]

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killawatt 44480 c

Kill A Watt

The U.S Department of Energy reports that 20% of our electric bills come from items that are left plugged in when they are not in use, or items that are in standby mode. These are referred to as phantom loads.With the Kill A Watt P4400 we can monitor the energy eaters in our homes and cut down our […]

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Greenberg roof

We’ve Been Featured!

Our PV (solar electric panels) installation has been featured by our vendor, Sunlight Solar Energy, in their Winter 2012 issue of their newsletter. It tells a little about us and why we decided to go solar. Check it out.

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What, What, Watt!

We’ve gone solar. The PV system on our house is now operational and produced its first Watt. We’ll be posting more about all of this later here.

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Putting REScheck to Work for Permitting

Here’s a recent article published in JLC, The Journal of Light Construction.  We used REScheck, which is  wonderful software to determine if your new construction meets IECC insulation requirements.  

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Stacking the Deck

  One of the hardest parts of a deck project is selecting the surface material.  At this point many people immediately start to think about what color they want their deck to be, but choosing the material can be a harder decision; there are a lot more options out there today than you may be […]

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