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Don’t Ignore Your Tankless Water Heater: Yearly Maintenance Reminder

Aaaaahhhh the tankless water heater. Conjuring images of hot, steamy showers and luxurious baths…even after all the kids have bathed. Tankless water heaters promise an endless supply of hot water. Plus, there’s the energy savings that comes along with a system that isn’t required to keep a huge tank of water hot, and the water […]

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Don’t Do This!

So the dog woke up at 3 am and Moxie started woofing and sneezing.  I woke up and smelled something odd, was Tova cleaning the oven? No, she was still sleeping next to me.  So I got up, walked around the house, the basement, and finally outside. I opened the garage door to find the garage […]

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Snowmageddon ’15

I’d like to raise a few points to the discussion of ice dams and snow removal; 1) Poor insulation in walls and in attics is a major cause of ice dams.  While ice dams will occur just from solar melting, heat from your attic and exterior walls is a major cause of the ice melting […]

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Caulking: Do You Push or Pull?

Most people’s instinct is to pull the caulking gun when trying to fill a joint. Next time, try pushing the gun instead. You’ll get a more even application of sealant and a better result. If you want a nice straight line, take the time to use masking tape, such as Scotch Blue, on both sides […]

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