How to Get Started with a Design / Remodel Project

As a design-build contractor, steveworks streamlines the remodeling process. With both the design and construction team on our staff we can work faster and better control the process.

First we create a design that balances your remodeling goals and your budget.

Then we move the construction process along smoothly including making sure that materials are ordered and arrive on time and specialty subcontractors (electrical, plumbing etc.) are ready to go.

Here’s a closer look at how we partner with our clients.

Step 1: Listen & Learn

We want learn more about your project. What are your underlying objectives? What’s on the “must have” and “wish” lists? What level of product and finish do you desire? Are you hoping to create more outdoor living space with the addition of a deck or three-season porch? We’ll set up a visit to your home or schedule a virtual visit. We’ve been working in home remodeling for decades and will be able to give you an idea of what a project like yours may cost.

Step 2: Range / Budget

Soon we’ll present to you a draft scope of work and a rough budget. This is a price range, as many of the specifics (windows, doors, cabinets, finishes, HVAC, etc.) may not have been chosen yet.  We’ll itemize the various elements detailed in the project scope so you can ask informed questions. If the range is acceptable we’ll ask you to sign a retainer or design contract so we can develop plans to produce a final budget. Like many contractors, we are scheduling projects months in advance so some homeowners also make a deposit to “hold their spot” in the queue at this point.

Step 3: Design

This is when the fun begins! Our in-house designer will create detailed plans to maximize your space. We’ll typically go through several iterations, refining and adjusting the design until it’s exactly right. As the project progresses, she’ll also help you pick finishes including cabinets, hardware, counter or vanity tops, tile, lighting, etc. We know there are a lot of decisions and it can be overwhelming. We’ll guide you through them all so that the finished space is even better than you imagined.

Step 4: Contract

Once the design has been finalized we’ll put final numbers together. The construction contract will lay out the scope, budget, estimated start and finish date, and payment schedule. We’ll also include a ‘specifications document’ and/or a ‘products and finishes schedule’ to ensure that we know what you want and you know what you’re getting.

Step 5: Build

Time to build! But first…we’ll protect your floors, put up dust walls and set up a negative air pressure system to keep the dust out of the rest of your home. We will treat your home with care – cleaning up at the end of the day and making sure your pets don’t escape. If you have an exterior remodel or a deck, we’ll make sure that the tools are put away and that nails and construction waste are cleared up so the area is safe for kids and pets who may be in the yard. Our goal is to make sure that the construction is as minimally disruptive as possible.

Step 6: Warranty & Check-ups

We won’t disappear when the project is complete. We’ll check in periodically to make sure everything is working properly and address any issues. We also want to ensure that our building techniques are standing the true test of time so that we can continually improve. Plus…we’ll want to visit our favorite new restaurants that we discovered while working in your neighborhood!