A Scary Dark Attic becomes Bright and Spacious

  • attic2
    The attic play/guest room is now bright and open.
  • Attic1
    The walls around the stairs were completely removed and replaced with open balusters.
  • stairs
    We were able to re-use and refinish most of the hand rails.
  • hobart atticB4 insul
    Lots of insulation! We retained the old radiators but they probably won't be needed with all the heat rising through the house.
  • attic bath
    The bath was refreshed with new tile and fixtures. The clawfoot tub is original.
  • before-attic-door
    Pretty uninviting and small rooms.

A great space for guests or noisy teens!

 We really appreciate the professionalism and client service exhibited by Steve, Tova, Asher and the rest of the team. They were timely, responsive, sensitive to our requests — and they were also just a pleasure to interact with on a daily basis!…”  Nari & Ginggi