A Winter to Remember

  • Segalporch1
  • Segalporch_3
  • Segalporch2
    I designed the roof slope and added the overhang to drain water away from the steps.
  • Segalporch_storm
    There's 3 ft of snow and ice on the roof and I haven't finished framing.
  • B4 Seagl
    The original overhang dumped water onto the steps.

Some of you may remember the Winter of 11′ as constant snow, ice, and freezing cold. I remember it as all that and building this deck. You’ll see a photo soon of what we had to contend with. The amazing thing for us was that we pre-stained and finished all the wood in our shop before we installed it using non-VOC (no smell, nontoxic…you can drink the stuff) finishes from Vermont Coatings, which are a by-product of milk whey!