Z-G bed#1

After the Flood

  • Z-G bed#1
  • Z-G bed#2
  • Z-G Hall
  • bath2
    We squeezed in a full bath under the first floor entry stair.
  • shower long
    We also managed to fit in a roomy, fully tiled, shower and frameless glass door.
  • rope tile detail
  • zg-before
    This is what I had to start with. The only thing we kept were the studs.

After their basement was flooded out, the homeowners decide to do it all over “right”. We spent a lot of time on infrastructure repairs including pounding out the concrete floors and leveling them, repairing the ancient cast iron drains (and finding a hole in the pipe under the foundation), and insulating and waterproofing the walls with 3″ of closed cell foam insulation.