Interior 1

An ADU for Mom & Dad

  • Interior 1
    The petite kitchen is fully outfitted with a 24” GE electric range, XO exhaust hood, Haifle 16” dishwasher, Blomberg 23” bottom freezer fridge, Haier 24” washer/dryer combo.
  • Interior 2
    Large windows capture morning light. The wall opposite the futon features more storage and a TV.
  • B4 Interior
    The original "developed attic" above the garage.
  • Interior 3 copy
    Not an inch of space is wasted. The right half of the bed platform has a hinged top for storage. The left half provides head room for the stairs below.
  • Front Stair
    This is the shared entry. The stair to the ADU includes a chair lift for accessibility. The mudroom for the main house is behind the camera. The door between the mudroom and entry serves as our fire separation.
  • Shower Detail
    The shower has no curb, no glass, and controls near the entrance for maximum accessibility.
  • B4 Exterior
    ADU exterior after
    Construction completed! A new second story over the original garage.