Bringing a Dog-Leg Kitchen Up to Par

Plenty of "at hand" storage space and beautiful soap stone tops.

Dorothea's only "request" was to have a vet hood that would pop up from the countertop and "do the job"

This kitchen needed more storage, upgraded cabinets and appliances, new countertops, new lighting, more electrical outlets, insulation, and structural repairs—and all that had to fit in the original footprint. We added quarter-sawn oak cabinets, soapstone tops, an induction cook top with a down-draft vent, and a dedicated oven.  We also installed more lighting to brighten the room and insulated the walls and floors to keep it cozy.

Before and After

The open shelves in the breakfast nook.

New cabinets, matching those in the kitchen, and the new wood floor.

Also take a look at the “sitting porch” we built for Stephen & Dorothea.

Steve's problem-solving abilities proved second to none, and we consider ourselves lucky to have partnered with him.

Stephen & Dorothea, Newton