Materials & Carbon Footprint

Using wood or fiber-based siding has a negative carbon footprint as it embodies (think storing) carbon. Cement fiber-based products have a positive carbon footprint, and we won’t even mention how bad vinyl siding is environmentally

We use a lot of factory-painted wood siding, which extends the paint warranty for 25+ years. Another component of carbon footprint consideration is not having to paint often.

Flooring: Using materials such as Marmoleum, which contain no vinyl, or products that contain a majority of recycled materials are great choices. Of course, tile and wood are wonderful as well. Many brands of carpeting also use recycled materials and can be recycled as well.

Here’s one of the low-carbon, Zero VOC products we use a lot for wood finishes. This product utilizes waste whey products to form very durable finishes.

Ever notice that "just painted" smell, or a new car smell? Well, that's all VOC filling your lungs. We use zero VOC and zero emission paints. We'll just rely on a great paint job to impress you, not the smell!

Thoughtful decisions of product choices prioritize the use of low carbon footprint and low/no VOC materials in our projects.