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Easy as (Pizza) Pie

  • long from diing 2
  • from dining
  • from back door
  • corner
  • island from frt door
  • from island
  • back to fridge view
  • glass upper
  • penisula view
  • Food List
    The boys will eat almost anything!
  • Before: Radiator and Doors
    To create an open plan we closed up the window over the radiator and moved the radiator. We also took out the wall and door.
  • Before: Sink
    What a great sink! Too bad we couldn't use it.
  • Original China Cabinet
    To be "true" to the house's style we kept the china cabinet. We took down the partition wall to open up the kitchen to the dining area. The lamp was "recycled".

Our client’s passion is baking pizza. We started designing with Micah and Sarah before they purchased the house to make sure it would work for them.  We opened the space up by removing the utility and panty closets, and took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen. We made sure Micah had plenty of space to roll! And by the way, Micah’s pizzas are incredible!

But the main thing I liked about working with steveworks is their integrity….