Electrify Your Kitchen

An induction stove cooks and reacts just like gas, but with the additional benefit of producing no harmful byproducts from burning gas. It's a great way to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

A ventilation hood is still necessary to whisk away food odors and byproducts. This hood slides in to be out of the way when using only the back burners, reducing head-banging for our taller homeowners.

This was our first induction stove installation. The homeowner was concerned about her children turning on a flame on the gas stove and getting burned.

Notice the jazzy Runtal hot water heat radiator in the background! Also, take a look at the countertops made with Richlite, a compressed 100% recycled paper material. Just think about the reduced carbon footprint of not shipping tons of stone around the world (and saving many aching backs in the process).

A huge use of energy is used in a kitchen. This is an area of opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and address indoor air quality.